Talleyrand in London

I.B. Tauris

The arrival of Charles-Maurice, Prince de Talleyrand-Périgord, as French ambassador in London in September 1830, was regarded as a great event by the British government. Two months earlier the July Revolution in Paris, overthrowing the reactionary rule of Charles X, had brought the liberal Louis-Philippe to the throne. Talleyrand, the best-known diplomat in Europe, had emerged from retirement at the age of 76 to lend his support to the new monarchy and to confirm its acceptance by the other European powers.

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ISBN: 9781784537814

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HollandHolland House House

I.B. Tauris (2013)

‘A sparkling picture of Whig society in the years running up to the Reform Bill – Linda Kelly captures all the fun as well as the political excitement of the best known salon of the age.’ Lady Antonia Fraser

£25.00, hardback

ISBN: 9781780764498

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minstrelIreland’s Minstrel: A Life of Tom Moore

I.B. Tauris (2006)

“Linda Kelly adds another winner to her gallery of Regency portraits with Tom Moore, the Irish poet who was Byron’s best friend, outsold Wordsworth and charmed a whole society – a sparkling and delightful book.” Claire Tomalin

“An enchanting biography of an enchanting man.
Christopher Bland, Books of the Year, Sunday Telegraph

“Moore’s name is refreshed and brightened by a biography that reveals all aspects of his life……Kelly’s book shines with the good humour and intelligence she shows her subject to have possessed.”
Miranda Seymour, Sunday Times

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Susanna, the Captain and the Castrato

Starhaven (2003)

“The stuff of which novels are made…small but perfectly formed.
Jonathan Keates, Books of the Year, Spectator

“Exciting and curious…Pacchierotti [the castrato] lives on in Susanna Burney’s journals and in these pages, which bring to vibrant life all those forgotten people of a bygone age.”
Beryl Bainbridge, Evening Standard

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Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Sinclair-Stevenson (1997) / Faber Finds (2009)

“She writes as one who has dreamed her way into the very heart of 18th century life, capturing it with a vividness that goes beyond mere scholarship.
Michael Shelden, Books of the Year, Daily Telegraph

“One of the very best biographies of recent times. I don’t see how it could be improved.” James Lees-Milne

“I can imagine no better biography of this talented, dynamic, impossibly unreliable firework of a man.”
Victoria Glendinning, Daily Telegraph

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Juniper Hall: An English Refuge from the French Revolution
Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1991) / Faber Finds (2009)

“The skilful evocation and weaving together of place and personality delighted me…A delicate and witty summoning up of the ghosts of Fanny Burney, Madame de Stael and their French friends and lovers in the summer of 1793.”
Claire Tomalin: Books of the Year, Independent on Sunday

“A delightful story, delightfully told. I’ve always wished that Jane Austen had written something about the Napoleonic wars and now I realise what I’ve missed: the interplay of two different and subtle societies, as revealed in a compact group of friends.” Anthony Sampson

“A short scintillating study of the young de Stael, her lovers and her shocked friend Fanny Burney in Surrey of all places.” Richard Holmes, New York Review of Books

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Women of the French Revolution
Hamish Hamilton (1987)

“These poignant mini-biographies brought home to me how wretchedly the Revolution betrayed women’s hopes. ‘O my poor sex’ was Olympe de Gouge’s bitter cry, and Kelly lets it echo effectively through her pages.”
Elizabeth Longford, Books of the Year, Sunday Times

“Scholarly and elegant…a starkly colourful account of women’s views to supplement the oft-told story of the Terror.” Independent

The Kemble Era
Bodley Head / Random House (1980)

“This is a most attractive survey of what must have been the most colourful thirty years (1782-18112) in the history of the English theatre. Linda Kelly does justice to its material and is by turns moving and hilarious.”
A.N.Wilson, Observer

“All the virtues of her earlier book…delightful.” Philippa Toomey, The Times

The Young Romantics: Paris, 1827-1837
Bodley Head (1976) / Random House/ Starhaven (2003)

“I have been reading with delight The Young Romantics.” Graham Greene

“Enchanting…short but packed with events and passions of which it cannot have been easy to give a lucid account.” Paul Scott, Country Life

“No other book reveals so much of their world in such a brief compass, nor are there many that are so well written.”  Jonathan Sumption, Sunday Telegraph

The Marvellous Boy: the Life and Myth of Thomas Chatterton
Weidenfeld & Nicolson/ Faber Finds (2009)

“This a difficult kind of book to write, because it not only tells a personal story and assesses a body of work, but it also describes a complex cultural episode, the rise and fall of a ‘myth’. Linda Kelly has done this with an entirely deceptive appearance of ease in a book that leaves out nothing important but keeps us reading like a novel.”
John Wain

“Scholarship and a sound critical standpoint…told with sympathy and skill.” Rebecca West, Sunday Telegraph

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