Talleyrand in London

“A little masterpiece, a fascinating story, exquisitely written….brilliantly captures his curious, kaleidoscopic personality”

John Julius Norwich


Talleyrand had arrived in London at a perilous moment. Revolution had broken out in Belgium, where the Belgians demanded independence from Holland to which they had been forcibly joined in 1815. The autocratic powers of Russia, Austria and Prussia threatened war to restore the status quo. It was largely thanks to Talleyrand’s diplomatic skills and his close collaboration with the British that the creation of Belgium as a constitutional monarchy was peacefully achieved. Talleyrand’s four years in London were the last and, in his own opinion, the most important of his diplomatic career. Linda Kelly’s sparkling narrative brings the period to life, providing a fascinating picture of one of Europe’s greatest statesmen as he appeared to English eyes.

Thanks to Linda Kelly’s ‘Talleyrand in London’ we now have an elegantly written and insightful account of how this most cunning and shrewd of diplomats played his final role.

Jeremy Jennings, Standpoint

Linda Kelly tells this story of a protracted and tortuous negotiation between the two men [Talleyrand and Palmerston] elegantly and with clarity…Talleyrand had come to London with his attractive niece (possibly his mistress) and a good cook, subtle adjuncts. to his skills which never deserted him.

John Rogister, Times Literary Supplement


Talleyrand in London: The Master Diplomat’s Last Mission
Linda Kelly

Publisher: I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd.

ISBN: 9781784537814
Publication Date: 30 March 2017
Number of Pages: 256
Illustrations: 26 black and white illustrations in a 16 page plate section and 1 map